The Muppets had a meeting.

It might have been Fozzie, but one friendly fuzzy suggested Kermit needed his own executive phone.

kermit phone

After much deliberation and many late night design collaborations inside the secret Muppet Laboratories, something wasn’t working. And Kermie wasn’t talking.

Hans Carl Clausen, aka “Mr Model”, was called.

Hans Clausen Kermie Phone

He was asked to “speak” to Kermit. After much careful deliberation, and some unhelpful suggestions from Gonzo, Hans modified the chair design, made Kermit’s leg a little bit wider, and fluffed the cushion Kermit was sitting on making it much more comfortable. All of which permitted the wires and mechanisms that actually allow the phone to work have the necessary room inside to properly function.

Kermit the Frog telephone

Suddenly Kermie was a very hoppy Frog. He couldn’t stop croaking about it.

And Miss Piggie was quite pleased. She can call Kermie any time she desires.


Muppet logo

“Hans Clausen has worked for me at the Muppets on several productions. Each has required personal initiative, leadership, and the ability to manage time under stringent deadline conditions. I am fortunate to have worked with Mr Clausen.”

Will Morrison / Muppet Shop Manager / New York City

Henson Signature

Mr Model with Jim Henson


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