I am “Mr Model”

Hans Carl Clausen Mr Model

I’ve enjoyed an artistic career building beautiful Scale Models for architects and developers, film makers and Muppets, special effects and lighting spectaculars, the windows of Tiffany and restoring Rockefeller Center, of entire major cities around the world, museum displays, and for a small town car dealership owner who just wanted to make a good impression on his boss.

I respect the Scale Model.

For its beauty.  Its artistry.  Its engineering.  For being the only true 3-dimensional display one can hold in ones’ hands and see an entire design in full and unlimited 3-D both inside and out from every angle without a single limitation.

Scale Models never shut off.  Their batteries never die.  They are never too loud.  Their internal workings never corrupt or become infected with virus.  When built well, a Scale Model can last for more than a thousand years.  There is no other media in the world or beyond that offers so much.

Hans Carl Clausen : “Mr Model”

hans fireplace town a

The “Master of Miniature”
Proudly Displaying his very 1st Scale Model


Yes! You have reached the world’s “number 1” model builder.

Please fill in the following and a “Master of Miniature” will respond in a “mini” moment.


One scale model is worth a thousand drawings!” : Mr Model


contact : mrmodel@icloud.com


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